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A Sloth Influencer

A Little Bit About Me


Hi! I am Fernando, a plushie sloth that loves adventures 🦥 My birthday is on 1st July and I started my Instagram account on 17th April 2022!

First Adventures

My first ever adventure was on 17th April 2022, and since then, I've been in many places. But here are the first three!


Canionul Șapte Scări

First ever adventure

This was one of the most interesting adventures, full of surprises! We walked through rain, almost fell in a river and walked over wood logs!
It's a mountainous canyon carved by the Șapte Scări Brook in Romania in the county of Brașov, south of Dâmbu Morii village. It is considered to be one of the main tourist attractions from the Piatra Mare massif.

Închisoarea/Penitenciarul Doftana

Second adventure

Full of mysteries! There's no words to describe this experience.. A place where it was hard to get in to, but after you went inside, you wouldn't want to get out! It's full of information (if you can spot it) and sometimes even surprise animals! I met a donkey (very friendly) and a cow!
Doftana was a Romanian prison, sometimes referred to as "the Romanian Bastille". Built in 1895 in connection with the nearby salt mines, from 1921 it began to be used to detain political prisoners, among them Gheorghe Gheourghiu-Dej, who was the Prime Minister of Romania (1952–1955), and the Chairman of the State Council of Romania (1961–1965), and Nicolae Ceaușescu, who was General Secretary of Romanian Communist Party (1965–1989), and the first President of Romania (1968–1989)


Peștera Polovragi

Third adventure

My first ever cave that I've went in and also a very unique one! There's many rumors about this cave, but I personally enjoyed my visit there!
The Polovragi Cave is found in the Căpățănii Mountains, on the banks of the Oltețău, at an altitude of 670 m and 20 m above the riverbed, on the territory of the Polovragi commune between the localities of Horezu and Baia de Fier, Gorj county, Oltenia, Romania.

My Favourite Adventures In 2022

Everyone has their favourites, so do I! Here are my top 4 adventures of 2022


5th Place: Cascada Pruncea (Cașoca) and Barajul Siriului

Series: Upcoming

Beauitufl view!
The Pruncea-Casoca Waterfall from Siriu, Buzau county, is situated in Podul Calului Mountain, at 10 km from Siriu Dam. Pruncea-Casoca is a water fall that is 17 meters high, formed on the River Casoca. The landscape in the area is spectacular, representing an oasis of tranquility, relaxation and pure air, with forests of fir, spruce and beech trees.
The Siriu dam is an earthen dam located on the Buzău river, in the Siriu commune of Buzău county, between the Siriu massif and the Podu Calului massif.

4th Place: Cetatea Feldioara and ZOO Brașov

Series: 1st January 2023 - 29th January 2023

ZOO Brașov was very funny! You gotta check out the monkey video:)
Ridged by the Teutonic Knights, the Feldioara Fortress is the oldest fortification in Brasov County, being documented since 1225. At the time of its construction, had strong walls and was the most important fortification in Transylvania.
There are over 300 animals from 70 different species in the zoo. They include large predatory cats, such as tigers, lions and jaguars, as well as wolves, deer, bears and camels. You can also find numerous waterfowl, ostriches, peacocks and birds of prey, including owls and eagles.

3rd Place: Transbucegi and Peleș Castle

Series: 11th December 2022 - 17th December 2022

One of the most peaceful day ever!
Transbucegi is the third highest road in Romania!
Peleș Castle is a Neo-Renaissance castle in the Carpathian Mountains, near Sinaia, in Prahova County, Romania, on an existing medieval route linking Transylvania and Wallachia, built between 1873 and 1914. Its inauguration was held in 1883. It was constructed for King Carol I.

2nd Place: Cetatea Enisala and Cheile Dobrogei

Series: 31st October 2022 - 9th December 2022

Magical and not the perfect time to go to the beach!
The only medieval fortress from Dobrogea that survived the Turkish-Russian wars from the 19th century, Enisala tells the hundreds of years old story of the time when the powerful Genovese merchants controlled the maritime commerce of the Black Sea.
Dobrogea Gorges (Cheile Dobrogei) are some of the oldest rock formations in Europe (limestones dating back to Mesozoic period). The area was once covered by the Black Sea and by coral reefs.

1st Place: Cetatea Rupea

Series: 2nd October 2022 - 21st October 2022

Amazing place with an amazing history!
It's a medieval fortress built by Transylvanian Saxons and first mentioned by a 1324 document. It is situated on a 120 m high basalt cliff, to the west of the Transylvanian town of Rupea in Romania. The fortress is located on DN13, 70 km from Brașov, on the road to Sighișoara. It was restored in 2010–2013.


Introduced to you by Fernando


1st Feature


1st October 2022

"A traveling Sloth who enjoy adventures around the world"

2nd Feature


14th November 2022

"Enjoying the beautiful paths of nature"

3rd Feature


4th February 2023

"Fernando came clean and said that even though he doesn't have a lover, Valentine's Day is such a lovely day for him. And the celebration is going to be fantastic! A spa day and lots of chocolate sure is a wonderful plan!"



Continuing the Târgoviște SERIES

Back to you on 1st April


My favourite band + my collection so far


Train Experiences

I've had some quite interesting experiences every time I went on an adventure with the train and they didn't always end up well -- let's not think of the worst experiences ever but, not the best either.. so here's my top 4 worst but also funny experiences while on the train!

Family Members


Meet the most iconic family members of the F Family, except me!

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-02 at 18.50.24.jpeg

Our latest family member

This is Joseph Frank - we spent over half an hour to find him, but it was worth the time! Mimi loves him lots and spends lots of time with him and also always grooms him!


Fernando Once Said

"I hope your tears dry before they fall"

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